Why should you attend InnovationKT'2010?

Academics should attend InnovationKT'2010 to -
  • Experience the premier conference focussed specially on knowlede transfer.
  • Benefit from a rare opportunity to present and publish your work on business focussed and application orientated projects.
  • Achieve a peer-reviewed publication in professionally produced proceedings.
  • Find out how to achieve improved research impact.
  • See how to tap in to government funding for applied research.
  • Mix with others to find out about knowledge transfer best practice.
  • Learn how to set up and manage knowledge transfer projects.

Companies should attend InnovationKT'2010 to -
  • Find out how to get university brains working for your company.
  • See how university expertise can find solutions to your company's problems.
  • Discover how to boost to your company's bottom line through knowledge transfer.
  • See examples of real projects and outcomes.
  • Find out how to benefit from Government funding for company-driven knowledge transfer projects.