Innovation through Knowledge Transfer
7 & 8 December 2010
Coventry, UK
  Tuesday 7 December 2010   Wednesday 8 December 2010  
  8.30-9.30: Registration & Arrival Refreshments   8.30-9.15: Registration & Arrival Refreshments  
  9.30-9.45: Conference Opening and Welcome : Room CC1.3
  9.15-9.45: Keynote Talk: DR IAIN GRAY : Room CC1.3
Connect and Catalyse to Stimulate Innovation
  9.45-10.15: Keynote Talk: PROF IAN OAKES : Room CC1.3
The Role of University-Business Collaboration in Influencing Regional Innovation
  9.45-10.15: Keynote Talk: MR GUS DESBARATS
Completing the Journey from IP Ownership to IP Return: why and how KT collaborations between universities and professional industrial-designers benefits everyone involved
  10.15-10.30 Questions and Discussion   10.15 - 10.30 Questions and Discussion  
  10.30-11.00 Coffee : Restaurant   10.30-11.00 Coffee : Restaurant  
  11.00-13.00: Oral Paper Presentation Sessions   11.00-13.00: Oral Paper Presentation Sessions  
  Session A: Value Creation through Knowledge Processing : Room CC1.3
Session B: Strategic and Organisational Approaches to Knowledge Transfer : Room CC1.4
  Session E: Knowledge Transfer Partnership Case Studies : Room CC1.3
Session F: Innovation and Enterprise : Room CC1.4
Workshop: A Readiness Assessment Tool for KTP
- where will your KTP run aground?' : Room CC1.1
  13.00-14.00 : Lunch : Restaurant   13.00-14.00: Lunch : Restaurant  
  14.00-14.30: Keynote Talk : DR NATHALIE GARTISER & DR JEAN RENAUD : Room CC1.3
Knowledge Transfer in France: From Academic Research to Companies
  14.00-14.30: Keynote Talk: DR JARMILA DAVIES : room CC1.3
Breaking Barriers and Building Collaborations:
Knowledge Transfer Development in Wales
  14.30-15.00: Keynote Talk : MR MICHAEL SMITH : Room CC1.3
The Innovation Management and Knowledge Transfer Process Across NHS Trusts
  14.30-15.00 : IKT Presentation : Room CC1.3  
  15.00-15.30 : Coffee : Restaurant   15.00-15.30: Coffee : Restaurant  
  15.30-17.00: Oral Paper Presentation Sessions   15.30-17.00: Oral Paper Presentation Sessions  
  Session C: Knowledge Transfer Models and Frameworks : Room CC1.3
Session D: Insights into Knowledge Transfer : Room CC1.4
  Session G: Knowledge Transfer Case Studies : Room CC1.3
Session H: Knowledge Transfer with the Third and Public Sectors : Room CC1.4
  7.30 for 8.00pm Conference Dinner - Technocentre Restaurant   Closing  Ceremony : Room CC1.3