Innovation through Knowledge Transfer - InnovationKT'2010
Working Presentation Schedule
    Session A: Value Creation though Knowledge Processing - Methodologies, Approaches and Case Studies TUESDAY 7 DECEMBER 2010    
    Tuesday 7 December 2010, 11.00 - 13.00 : Room CC1.3      
    Chairs: Dr. Carolin A. Fiechter, Universität der Bundeswehr München, Germany and
Prof. Eva-Maria Kern, Universität der Bundeswehr München, Germany 
Dr Julia Boppert, Universität der Bundeswehr München / trilogIQa, Germany
  Inkt10-002 Can Knowledge be Transferred? Prof Richard Ennals (Kingston Business School, Kingston University, UK) Mr Robert Parrington, Prof Peter Totterdill  
  Inkt10-020 Structured Knowledge Transfer for the Implementation of a New Engineering Service Centre in India - Results from a Captive Offshoring Project in the Automotive Supplier Industry Prof. Dr. Franz Lehner (University of Passau, Germany) B.Eng. Srinivaskumar Akunuri, Dipl.-Kfm. Christian Warth  
  Inkt10-027 Supporting Cross-Border Knowledge Transfer through Virtual Teams, Communities and ICT Tools Dr. Hamburg Ileana (IAT, FH Gelsenkirchen, Germany)  
  Inkt10-038 What Knowledge? What Borders? What Boundaries? Ms Anne Bowden (TAFE NSW - New England Institute, Australia)  
  Ink10-043 Knowledge Management Can Be Lean: Improving Knowledge Intensive Business Processes Ms Carolin Fiechter (Universität der Bundeswehr München, Germany)
Dr.-Ing. Julia Boppert, Prof. Dr. Eva-Maria Kern, Dr. Olivera Marjanovic  
  Ink10-044 Towards a Value Oriented Knowledge Management Prof. Dr. Eva-Maria Kern (Universität der Bundeswehr München, Germany) Dr.-Ing. Julia Boppert, Mr Wendelin Schmid  
    Session B: Strategic and Organisational Approaches to Knowledge Transfer    
    Tuesday 7 December 2010, 11.00 - 13.00 : Room CC1.4    
    Chair: Dr. Wynand J.C. Grobler, North West University, South Africa    
  Inkt10-006 Managing Knowledge in the Framework of the Organizational Evolution of SMEs Dr Philippe Bouché (LGECO – INSA de Strasbourg, France) Dr Nathalie Gartiser, Dr Cecilia Zanni-Merk  
  Inkt10-016 Assessing Changes in University Knowledge Transfer Capability to Support Innovation: A Knowledge Intensive Business Service Perspective Prof John Sparrow (Birmingham City University, UK)  
  Inkt10-030 Defining Four Pillars for successful applied Knowledge Transfer Dr David-Huw Owen (AEA Technology plc, UK) Mr Zach Wahl  
  Inkt10-034 Organisational Identification of Academic Staff and its Relationship to the Third Stream Mr Trevor Brown (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK)  
  Inkt10-048 The 4 'C's of Knowledge Transfer and Knowledge based working - Emerging Themes in Successful Knowledge Working and KTPs Dr Steve Ellis (University of Chichester, UK)  
  Inkt10-062 Knowledge Transfer at Arup - A Case Study on the Development of Communities of Practice Ms Faith Wainwright (Arup, UK)  
    Session C: Knowledge Transfer Models and Frameworks    
    Tuesday 7 December 2010, 15.30 - 17.00 : Room CC1.3    
    Chair: Prof. John Sparrow, Brimingham City University, UK    
  Inkt10-031 The Cardiff University-Fusion IP Model for Technology Transfer Dr Nick Bourne (Cardiff University, Wales, UK) Dr Dominic Griffiths  
  Ink10-045 A Proposed Management Framework for Commercialisation of Expertise at Public Universities Dr Wynand Grobler (North West University, South Africa) Prof Frikkie Van Niekerk  
  Inkt10-050 Designing a new model for Expanded Knowledge Transfer Asset Development Ms. Gail Wyman (Sheffield Hallam University, UK) Ms. Rachel Barton, Dr. Janet Shipton  
  Inkt10-035 Vademecum for Innovation through Knowledge Transfer: Continuous Training in Universities, Enterprises and Industries Prof. Dr-Ing. Francisco Cipolla-Ficarra (ALAIPO: Asociación Latina de Interacción Persona-Ordenador) Prof. Dr-Ing. Miguel Cipolla-Ficarra, PhD Emma Nicol  
    Session D: Knowledge Transfer Insights      
    Tuesday 7 December 2010, 15.30 - 17.10 : Room CC1.4      
    Chair: Mr Trevor Brown, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK      
  Inkt10-025 Tri-partnerships in Knowledge Transfer: changing entrepreneurial mindsets Dr. Christopher Brown (University of Hertfordshire, UK) Mrs Diane Proudlove  
  Inkt10-023 The Barriers to Academic Engagement with Enterprise: A Social Scientist's Perspective. Ms Linda Reichenfeld (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK)  
  Inkt10-054 A Toolbox for ICT Technology Transfer Professionals: A Preview of an Online Toolkit Aiming at the Acceleration of the ICT Technology Transfer Process Ms Annelies Bobelyn (Imperial College Business School, UK) Dr. Itxaso Del Palacio Aguirre  
  Inkt10-059 Knowledge Diffusion in a Specialist Organization: Observational and Data-driven Case Study
Prof. Dr. Kehal Mounir (Esc Rennes School of Business, France)  
  Inkt10-061 Introducing High-Innovative Geospatial Enterprise Software Solution to Manage Critical Infrastructures: Transferring Knowledge from a Research Centre to a Motorway Operator Dr. Giuseppe Conti (Graphitech, Italy)  
    Session E: Knowledge Transfer Partnership Case Studies WEDNESDAY 8 DECEMBER 2010    
    Wednesday 8 December 2010, 11.00 - 13.00 : Room CC1.3    
    Chair: Prof. Owen Hanson, Middlesex University, UK  (TBC)    
  Inkt10-003 Case Study of Successful Knowledge Transfer Project: Maximising your KTP Mrs Jill Walters (Buckinghamshire New University, UK) Mr Vic Davies, Mr Neil Hunter  
  Inkt10-019 Knowledge Exchange and Learning and Development in a Newly Formed SME: an example from the Knowledge Transfer Partnership Scheme Dr Martin Wynn (University of Gloucestershire, UK) Ms Erin Lau, Mr Peter Maryszczak  
  Inkt10-040 Providing e-Business Capability on a Legacy Systems Platform: A Case Study from the Knowledge Transfer Partnership Scheme Dr Martin Wynn (University of Gloucestershire, UK) Mr Phillip Turner, Mr Rizwan Uppal  
  Inkt10-042 'At the Fuzzy Front End' Introducing Four Stages of Innovation to Solo Cup Europe, A Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Teesside University Mr Peter Reid (Teesside University, UK) Mr Alex Brown, Mrs Anne Sutton  
  Inkt10-036 How to Transfer the Innovation Knowledge from Craft Art into Product Design Dr. Yang-Cheng Lin (National Dong Hwa University, China) Miss Chun-Chun Wei  
    Session F: Innovation and Enterprise    
    Wednesday 8 December 2010, 11.00 - 13.00 : Room CC1.4    
    Chair: Dr Jens Rønnow Lønholdt, Technical University of Denmark     
  Inkt10-008 Firms’ Nature and Characteristics and their Attitude Toward Publication. An Analysis of the Italian Biotech Sector. Mr. Roberto Iorio (University of Salerno, Italy) Mrs. Rosamaria D'Amore  
  Inkt10-009 Networks of Co-authorship in the Publications of the Italian Biotech Firms: the Role of Different Institutions  Mr. Roberto Iorio (University of Salerno, Italy) Mrs. Rosamaria D'Amore, Mrs. Agnieszka Stawinoga  
  Inkt10-017 Stitching an Organisation's Knowledge Together - Communities of Practice as Facilitator for Innovations Inside an Affiliated Group Prof. Dr. Marion Weissenberger-Eibl (University of Kassel, Germany) Dipl.-Kfm. Dominik Ebert  
  Inkt10-026 Living Labs are Innovation Catalysts Prof Maurice Mulvenna (University of Ulster, UK) Prof Birgitta Bergvall-Kåreborn, Mr Brendan Galbraith, Dr Suzanne Martin, Mr Jonathan Wallace  
  Inkt10-051 'Center for Global' or 'Local for Global'? R&D Centers of ICT Multinationals in India Dr. Vigneswara Pandian (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India)  
  Ink10-047 A Conceptual Approach Towards Understanding Issues in the Third Stream: Conceptions of Valid Knowledge and Transfer in UK Policy Miss Nicolette Michels (Oxford Brookes University, UK)  
    Workshop: A Readiness Assessment Tool for KTP - where will your KTP run aground?      
    Wednesday 8 December 2010, 11.00 - 13.00 : Room CC1.1      
    Facilitator: Dr Steve Ellis, University of Chichester, UK      
    This workshop showcases a research-based model which is designed to identify areas of potential strength and weakness (either at the programme level or organisationally) when it comes to instigating or managing a KT project.  See the Conference Digest for a full description.  
    G: Knowledge Transfer Case Studies      
    Wednesday 8 December 2010, 15.30 - 17.00 : Room CC1.3      
    Chair:  Prof. Maurice Mulvenna, University of Ulster, UK       
  Inkt10-005 How to Boost Innovation by Direct Use of University Based Research - Case Studies from the Technical University of Denmark Chief Consultant Jens Rønnow Lønholdt (Technical University of Denmark)  
  Inkt10-028 1 An Examination of an Innovation Intermediary Organisation's Methodology using Case Studies Mrs Caroline Bishop (InnovationXchage, UK) Dr Ben Tura  
  Inkt10-021 The ISSUES Project: An Example of Knowledge Brokering at the Research Programme Level Ms Katarzyna Przybycien (Heriot-Watt University / SISTECH (ISSUES), UK) Ms Katherine Beckmann, Ms Annabel Cooper, Ms Naeeda Crishna, Ms Kimberley Pratt  
  Inkt10-018 Student supported consultancy to address market needs: Leeds Source-IT, a case study Dr Alison Marshall (University of Leeds, UK) Professor Roger Boyle, Dr Royce Neagle  
    H: Knowledge Transfer with the Third and Public Sectors      
    Wednesday 8 December 2010, 15.30 -17.00 : Room CC1.4      
    Chair: Ms Charlene Edwards, Kingston University, UK       
  Inkt10-029 Using KTP to Enhance Neighbourhood Sustainability - A case study of Wulvern Housing Association's Sustainability Indicators (WINS) Mr Paudie O'Shea (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK)  
  Inkt10-032 The InterAct Project and TechLink: An Example of International Collaboration and Technology Transfer. Dr Louise Byass (The Food and Environment Research Agency, UK) Mrs Elaine Eggington, Dr Louise Sarup  
  Inkt10-004 Knowledge Transformation in the Third Sector: Plotting Practical Ways to have an Impact Mrs Razia Shariff (Third Sector Research Centre, UK)  
  Inkt10-053 Problem-Based Learning (PBL) and Knowledge Transfer (KT) Collaboration between a Derbyshire Market Town and University Knowledge-preneurs. Mr Mike Edwards (University of Derby, UK) Mr Peter Wiltshier