Registration Option Summary

Full and Student Registration (A and B Rates)

This is the grade of registration for most delegates. It includes two days of attendance, a conference presentation, and optionally publication of a paper in the Springer proceedings.

One Day (Non-Presenting) Registration (C and D Rates)

This rate is for delegates who wish to attend the conference for one day on either the 7th or 8th December.

It does not include a presentation at the conference or publication of a paper in the proceedings.

KTP Managers' Special Registration (E and F Rates)

This is a subsidised / sponsored rate, providing the same benefits as the Full rate, for those attending the KTP Managers' Conference on 9 and 10 December, who also wish to attend one or two days of InnovationKT.

Delegates can register to attend InnovationKT on Wednesday 8th December, or both 7th and 8th December.

Those not attending the KTP Managers' conference are not eligible for this rate.